Flat Yarn Spiral Dryer Fabric

Flat Yarn Spiral Dryer Fabric

The dryer fabric is mainly used in the dryer section, and its function is to tightly wrap or carry wet paper web for transmission; The paper has good surface smoothness through smooth and fine mesh design; Match the moisture evaporation requirements of the web at different positions through appropriate permeability design; At the same time, it can meet the operation test of dryer section under such harsh conditions as high temperature, high humidity, extreme acidity and alkalinity.


The flat yarn spiral dryer fabric series is suitable for packaging paper, writing paper, paperboard, and pulp board with large drying quantity. It is widely used in the industries of paper, coal mine, food, medicine, printing and dyeing and rubber products. It is applicable to the bottom mesh of horizontal belt type vacuum pulp washer (replacing rubber belt), and can also be used as the supporting mesh belt of conveyor belt and composite machine.It also called dryer screen ,dryer mesh, dryer canvas or dryer belt. It mainly have four type such as flat yarn woven dryer fabric, round yarn woven dryer fabric, round yarn spiral dryer fabric, flat yarn spiral dryer fabric.


The spiral dryer fabric has the advantages of large permeability, flat mesh surface, can be disassembled at will, good strength and long service life. The special material spiral dryer fabric also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high wear resistance and aging resistance.

The flat yarn spiral dryer fabric surface is smooth, and the mesh mark produced by the flat wire mesh is lighter than that of the round wire mesh during the paper drying process. Because the flat yarn spiral dryer fabric is made of anti-hydrolysis monofilament, the service life of the dry fabric is effectively extended, and the economic benefits are improved.


Acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, non-toxic, long service life

The mesh surface is smooth ,with high tensile strength and good permeability. High heat transfer efficiency, saving energy for users.

Easy installation and use, no indentation on the interface.

It is widely used in papermaking, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, mineral processing, food processing and other industries, and can be filled with round or flat wire in the net according to the needs of users to meet the process requirements.