Triple Layer Forming Fabric

Triple Layer Forming Fabric

Triple-layer forming fabrics have two independent single-layer fabrics bound together by separated yarns.


Triple-layer forming fabrics consist of two independent single-layer fabrics that are bound together by separated yarns.

On the forming side, the yarns have a small diameter to increase the support index. On the wear side, cross-direction yarns have a large diameter to improve the fabric life.

The wear side is made with a coarse mesh to improve stability and wear resistance. The paper side is made with very fine yarns on the surface to optimize the sheet forming performance.

This modified design delivers enhanced stability in the cross-machine direction thanks to its three-ply weft structure. Furthermore, improved drainage is guaranteed because of its increased three-dimensional space.


  • Better support and fixation, while reducing line marks.

  • Better drainage performance

  • Better stability and abrasion resistance.

  • Longer service life


The Triple layer Forming fabric is the best for those who wants to retain as much fiber and faster drainage as possible. The increase with the count of the yarn ensures better support and retention while at the same time reduces the wire marks.

Triple-layer forming fabric is suitable for producing quality printing paper, tissue paper and cigarette paper, etc. Due to its excellent stability and resistant , it is ideal for high-speed paper machine.