General runout

Caused by the forming fabric run off many reasons, generally by the following aspects of the cause:

1) Failure of the regulator for automatic correction by instrumentation.

2) False signals on the palms of the guide rollers or the frame cause the correctors to act incorrectly.

3)The forming fabric is loose on one side and tight on the other, and the standard line is seriously skewed, which is generally caused by the tensioning roller being loose on one side.

4) The forming fabric circle path is a guide roller skewed.

5)One end of a guide roller wrapped pulp or forming fabric side broken wrapped roller more, causing inconsistent line speed.

6)The two press rollers in the press area are not equal and the two ends are not in contact with each other.

In actual production, attention should be paid to finding the right guide rollers and press rollers to make each roll parallel to the other. It is very important to pay attention to the single-sided adjustment of the forming fabric tensioning roller and to check the forming fabric corrector frequently.

Some special cases of runout

In the case of forming fabric pleating, in addition to forming fabric tension inconsistency in the middle pleating and forming fabric runout too large in the blanket side or the whole bed forming fabric pleating, there are several possible situations:

1) Pleats on the edge of the forming fabric. If the width of the blanket is slightly off, it will easily touch the blanket roller bearings and pleats. Simply tear off part of the blanket and adjust the corrector so that the blanket is right in the middle.

2) Pleating in the middle of the forming fabric may be due to too many skewed standard lines for operational reasons. Too much pulp or debris in the guide roller and wet paper can easily cause the blanket to pleat in the middle.

3) Pleating in the middle of the forming fabric may be caused by reversing the direction of the spreading rollers; a certain roller does not rotate due to a fault, which may also cause the forming fabric to pleat in the middle.

If you find that theforming fabricis pleated, you should stop and check immediately. At the same time, lift the press roll, loosen the forming fabric, and then manually flatten the blanket and find out the cause of the problem. For higher line pressure forming fabrics, once pleated, it is extremely difficult to flatten them and most of them are crushed, so special attention should be paid to inspection and maintenance in use.

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